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Successful students within International Sections are most likely to come from families with the following characteristics :

  • French nationals returning from one of the partner countries for which there are International Sections;
  • bi-nationals (French and the nationality of a partner country);
  • natives of a partner country – or other nationality but with a high enough competence level in the language of the Section to be admissible; students who do not have a high enough level in French receive intensive French language training;
  • French nationals who are highly motivated by a quality multilingual and multicultural education.


Since the demand for this type of education is very strong, places may not always be available in sufficient number.

In order to enrol in many International Sections, it is usually necessary for a student to be at or near native-speaker level in the language of the Section. However, certain International Sections (for the most part American, Anglophone or British) provide opportunities for sufficiently motivated students to join their Section even if they do not yet have a near native speaker level, but show potential for attaining it.

Even though specific quotas of students are no longer required, following the September 28, 2006 Decree, the aimed-for linguistic and cultural excellence is best served when the International Section is composed of both French students and students who are native to the partner country.
The vast majority of International Sections respect and apply this rule.

* This programme can be replicated in other countries.