Administrative steps in France

lycee international saint germain en layeRequests should be addressed to the Inspector of the Academy (Inspecteur d’Académie), based in the Rector’s office (Rectorat d’Académie), as well as to the DAREIC (Délégué Académique aux Relations Européennes et Internationales et à la Coopération). It is necessary to demonstrate that the proposal is in line with the requisite principles for International Sections, in particular:

a)      the proposed International Section’s teaching staff, and
b)      in order to achieve the objective of cultural and scholastic excellence, the probability of a minimum number of children whose mother tongue is that of the proposed Section.

  • Once International Section status has been granted by the Authorities, the Section will be formally declared “open” (“ouverte”). After some years, a request can be submitted to the Ministry of Education to obtain “official” (“officielle”) status; the latter requires the Minister to issue a Decree, following which the International Section will be referred to on the Ministry’s internet site.
  • It is highly recommended that any school district (académie) seeking to create an International Section should begin at primary or even pre-school level.