Status of schools and International Sections

  • All schools, whether public or private, can set up International Sections, as long as they fulfil the requirements.
  • A few schools have only International Sections, while all other schools include International Section(s) as part of the regular school. .
  • International Sections are today only found, at high school (Lycée) level, in schools which take the general baccalaureate: L (Literature), ES (Economics and Social Sciences) and S (Sciences), but not yet in schools which offer the professional and technical baccalaureates.
  • Certain International Sections are administered directly by the partner countries, others by the French National Education Ministry, and some by private non-profit associations (associations) which may require families to pay fees.
  • Certain schools have boarding facilities.
  • International Sections are part of the French school system and as such they are under the authority of the head of the host French school.