Status and remuneration of teachers

  • The employment status and remuneration of teachers of the French syllabus are those of all French schools.
  • There are three different types of employment status for teachers in International Sections teaching the partner country’s syllabus. Teachers are employed and remunerated :


a) directly by the partner country – this is the case for Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and sometimes Germany;

b) by authorised associations (in full or in part) – this is often the case for Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the United States of America, and sometimes Germany.

c) by the French Ministry of Education: this is the case for certain American, British, German and Japanese International Sections.

In some cases, several different types of employment status and remuneration co-exist within the same school, and sometimes within the same International Section (for example, Danish, Japanese, Norwegian and Swedish Sections).

In many cases, the International Section teachers are assessed by the competent educational authorities in the partner country.