To accomplish its mission of supporting and promoting excellence in schools through the adoption of multi-lingual and multi-cultural schools programmes, the FDIE has two main areas of activity :

Research and communication

The FDIE carries out research and organises seminars on multilingualism and multiculturalism, as well as the organisation and functioning of International Sections. The results of the FDIE’s research and seminars are distributed widely to all those interested in International Sections and the OIB exam : families, teachers, school managements, politicians and businesses.
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The FDIE facilitates and encourages contacts between schools with International Sections.


The FDIE advises on legislative and administrative matters in several countries. It works alongside those who have been elected to office (Parliament and all other elective bodies), governments, administrations, schools and companies.

One of the current objectives of the FDEI is the project to create Chinese International Sections.