Facilitating international mobility of your teams

  • International professional mobility is both an increasing need for businesses and an opportunity for their personnel.
  • Having a high quality international school infrastructure in a country is henceforth an increasingly important factor for company employees in deciding whether to accept a foreign assignment or for managers in choosing the location of a foreign investment.
  • Through its dual curricula and the presence of children of many nationalities and cultures, starting in pre-school, International Sections and the OIB provide the best response to the above concerns.
  • They allow children of expatriates to follow some of the scholastic programme of the home country (so that they are not disconnected and can more easily return to the school system in that country) while also following the French curriculum and thus enabling them to be successfully integrated in France.
  • Moreover, the presence in an International Section of other students from the home country allows children to keep their bearings.