In an International Section

  • Each International Section has a distinct life of its own (within the French host school and in the extracurricular activities it promotes) and adds value to its French school. Teachers in International Sections are not just language or subject teachers: they represent another culture and another educational tradition. They offer something authentically different from what is normally available in the French national system.
  • A great deal is expected of teachers in International Sections. Within the classroom, they must deliver teaching equivalent to the highest standards in the country of the Section, in line with current good practice. Outside classes, they often initiate and organise activities for their students which support and extend the academic curriculum (for example trips, drama, debating and study weekends,).
  • The tradition of International Sections is also to take a strong interest in the overall progress and welfare of students via a tutorial system – and to provide accurate counselling and specialized advice, notably on entry procedures to Universities abroad.
  • The two subjects taught in International Sections are highly rated by the system of coefficients within the OIB exam structure. International Section teachers are therefore among the most influential members of staff for subjects which are compulsory and important for all students (scientists included!) preparing the OIB.
  • Intellectually, the International Section system means that teachers must take account of a different approach to their specialist subject which students experience within the same school but in a different language – whether in literature or in the shared History/Geography discipline. There is also the opportunity for self-learning and personal enrichment in comparing methodology with colleagues of different nationalities.
  • In teaching towards the OIB, teachers are part of an elite nationwide group with regular meetings and focused training sessions which bring everyone together and provide the opportunity for professional exchanges.
  • Bilingual students are stimulating to teach because they are generally of above-average ability and strongly motivated. Their background tends to encourage openness, tolerance and interest in new ideas.
  • In bringing a certain ‘cultural buzz’ and fresh, challenging ideas, International Sections simply make schools more interesting places to teach.
  • Teaching in an International Section is also an opportunity for career development and can sometimes offer financial advantages.