Attracting investments to your region

  • The quality of multilingual and multicultural education in France*, in your region, is part of the basic infrastructure which can make a region attractive for potential foreign investment. International Sections provide a response to this challenge.
  • You can more easily attract businesses, academics and artisans if you are able to provide their children with an excellent school which does not force them to choose between either an exclusively French education or an institution solely for expatriates of the home country. International Sections provide a response to this challenge by offering both French education and that of the home country simultaneously.
  • Enabling children to have the possibility of studying two parallel curricula in both French and the language of the International Section makes businesses, academics and artisans more willing to come to France in your region, knowing that those children would not be cutting all scholastic ties with their home country, and would be able to return to it without a difficult re-adaptation. International Sections provide an answer to this concern since part of the school programme is based on the syllabus of the home country.
  • It is greatly in your interest that these families who come to France, to your region, are truly and effectivelyintegrated, notably by means of their children. International Sections make this possible since a large part of the education is in French.
  • International Sections are the only school system providing an effective response to all of the above challenges, starting in primary school.






* This programme can be replicated in other countries.