The FDEI is administered by an Executive Committee whose unpaid members are co-opted for a 3 year renewable term. A representative of the Fondation de France is a member of the Executive Committee by right. The President is elected by the members of the Executive Committee, subject to the approval of the Fondation de France.

Members of the Executive Committee

François-Xavier d’Aligny, President
Nationality : French

Professional career in Europe. Director General of a German bank in France. Personal representative of the President of a French bank in Germanophone countries. Austrian wife. 3 children, who all speak French, English, German and Spanish fluently, having attended International Section schools, with the three pursued their higher education in Great Britain (Oxford et London).

Cathy Ducker
Nationality : Belgian

Married to a British national, Children attend school at the International Anglophone Section in Sophia Antipolis. Professional experience in marketing, training, and communication for the telecommunications, banking and charitable organisations sectors. Created a start-up company. From a bilingual, multicultural family who has lived in countries with diverse cultures. President of ASEICA, Association for International Education on the Côte d’Azur. (

Frans Thijssen   Nationality : Dutch


Isabelle Tardé-Gonzalez     Nationality : French


Kattis Elfvin    Nationality : Swedish