Cultural commitments

vue sur une cour d'écoleThe teaching in the International Sections is not limited to just language acquisition and the content of the scholastic programme. Its objective has a wider focus which includes understanding the mindset, values and traditions of the partner country. For this reason, holidays of the partner country are celebrated and students learn the legends and popular songs of the partner country.

Furthermore, the partner country’s pedagogical traditions are followed by using their textbooks and other classroom materials. They are often supplemented by library books and materials in the language of the Section. Students are given the opportunity to take tests/exams (which, depending on the partner country, may be standardized) and which are developed and graded/marked by authorities in the partner country. This allows them to measure their level compared to students in the same grade/level in that partner country.

International Sections often provide a number of extra-curricular activities and organize events similar to those which exist in schools in the partner country such as: theatre, debating, singing groups, community service, yearbook, dances, field trips and graduation ceremony.