References and various

The FDIE has contributed to the development of texts and the preparation of decisions :

  • Creation of the European Observatory for Plurilinguism (2007)
  • (Introductory remarks, press conference of the French President, enlargement of the European Union)
    [Unofficial translation by FDIE : “The Europe of tomorrow will be the Europe of Education and Culture. A Europe where every young person must speak at least 2 foreign languages … The recognition of cultural and linguistic diversity in the future Constitution opens some exciting avenues for our continent.”]
  • (Allocution du Président de la République française, ouverture du Débat national sur l’avenir de l’Ecole, Palais de l’Elysée,
    20 novembre 2003)

    [Unofficial translation by FDIE: “In an enlarged Europe the mastery of foreign languages will, every day, be a little more essential. Development of both European sections and schools with an international calling in each academic region. Intensification of linguistic exchanges and twinning of towns. Learning foreign languages by means of progressive and consistent courses of study, from primary school to university. Starting to learn in primary allows every student to speak two foreign languages properly.”]
  • (Directorate for International Relations and Cooperation, Ministry for Young People, Education and Research; Conference organised by the Fondation des Amis du Lycée International, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 14 March 2003)
    [Unofficial translation by FDIE: “The model of state schools with International Sections is the best example of international education in France.”]